The following resources will help you with implementing the SASE/SASW-compliant frameworks through your training and qualification programmes.


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ACE Forms and Documentation

A new universal Apprentice Declaration & Authorisation Form has been designed by the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards for use by ALL providers when requesting apprenticeship certificates.

Earlier versions of the Declaration Form will be accepted for claims submitted post 1 March 2014, where the date of signing on the form being used is prior to 1 March 2014.

If a learner is signing a Declaration & Authorisation form on or after 1 March 2014, a version 3 form must be completed. If a different form has been signed, the certification claim will be rejected.

All Providers are encouraged to start using the v3 form from now but it is not mandatory until 1 March 2014. Please note that the date of signing must be ON OR AFTER the date of satisfactory completion of ALL components of the Apprenticeship framework for which the apprenticeship completion certificate is being claimed.

Below is also the guidance notes for completion of the form.


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