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Invest in your best asset: your people

As experts in business skills development and a proven track record, we can help you get the most from your employees and your training budget. It has been proven that businesses who invest in their workforce reap a higher Return of Investment.

See results in maximising your business performance through a team of skilled and motivated employees. We offer training and staff development programmes tailored to meet the needs of your business and staff. Skills CFA offer a wide range of solutions designed to help large scale, small and mid-size enterprises as well as micro businesses to help develop and implement effective and ‘workable’ strategies that keep business moving in the right direction. At international level, our associate professionals are able to offer a varied programme of Consulting Services. With Skills CFA as your trusted partner we will work with you to ensure that your company maintains a competitive advantage with access to the resources and tools necessary to achieve those business goals you are seeking.

Skills CFA are able to offer a consultancy service at organisation, national and international level to co-develop innovative skills solutions and training programmes with focus on soft skills and employability skills aimed developing a professional workforce.

By applying our expertise in nationally-recognised standards, apprenticeships, qualifications and market research, your training strategies can be the smart solution to retaining passionate and skilled people who take your business forward.


We provide services for


Letters of Support


Letters of Importation - Direct Importation


Letters of Importation - Contextualisation


SCQF Credit Rating Requests


SCQF Levelling Requests


Core Skills Signposting Requests


Qualification Mapping

£50 per issue, pricing scale if more than 20 learners

Alternative ERR Workbook

£50 for assessment, licence agreement pricing structure for use

Bespoke Qualification Development and Non-Standard Services

On Request

Fast Tracking of any service



Visit our programme endorsement for business-related training and qualifications provides independent recognition for training providers, academic institutions, and their programmes.

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Who We've Worked With

Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management

"The Higher Apprenticeship was seen as a very successful development of a valuable product which helps employers entice highly capable young people to their organisations."

-Liz Wilson
Head of Professional Standards and Knowledge

Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resources Management

"The development of the level 5 higher apprenticeship framework in HRM has enabled the CIPD to extend its portfolio of qualifications and also helped to grow its membership."

-Debbie A. John
Head of Qualifications

"Skills CFA's support in developing the frameworks and qualifications for our Advanced Apprenticeship in Enterprise and Higher Apprenticeship in Innovation and Growth was invaluable. We have found Skills CFA to be very clear, professional and responsive. They are a great partner to work with."

-Alice Barnard
CEO, Peter Jones Foundation


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