Large Employers

The future success of your business lies in the skills and innovation of your people and leaders. Our apprenticeship solutions and staff development services are designed to enhance your existing training and development scheme.


Workforce Development

As the creators of UK national occupational standards, we can ensure that your training plans meet industry standards and are built for the future.

Benchmarking your training and development programmes to national standards will ensure you get the most out of your investment in workforce development.

Our services are designed to complement existing training and development programmes.

Identify employee development needs by analysing your existing workforce's skill-set.
Assess your current training programmes to address changing skill requirements.
Develop employee competence frameworks for job functions to aid strategic organisational planning, workforce management, and project delivery.
Build bespoke training programmes to be delivered by our professionals or packaged for your in-house training.
Coach individuals and teams to enhance performance and boost morale.

Apprenticeship Solutions

There are over 200 apprenticeships in roles as diverse as project management, accountancy and even space engineering. Apprenticeships maximise the potential of your workforce, improve retention and enable you to recruit from a wider pool of talent.

With over two decades experience in designing apprenticeships, we are experts in creating programmes that address business needs.

Identify skills gaps in your organisation where apprentices could be a solution.
Build bespoke apprenticeship programmes using new or existing qualifications.
Create apprenticeship pathways for specialist job roles as part of an established apprenticeship framework.
Advise on accessing Government funding where in some cases 100% of apprentice training costs may be subsidised.

Qualifications & Assessments

We have a strong track record of supporting businesses by creating qualifications and assessments.

Having your own qualifications and being able to effectively measure achievement will set you apart from your competitors and improve the productivity of your people. We can support you to ensure your training is high quality and meets the professional development objectives of your business.

Develop qualification structures to ensure desired learning outcomes.
Write units/modules to ensure clear understanding of goals and tasks.
Create assessment criteria to ensure that qualification goals have been suitably achieved.
Develop assessment strategies and assessment guidance to ensure that learning outcomes are met.

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