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Translating Study into Jobs

Thursday, 12 December 2013
By: Uta

The latest CBI/Pearson Education and Skills survey notes that limited knowledge of languages and cultural awareness is acting as a ‘tax on UK trade’. Skills CFA is leading on a new project working in partnership with universities in Barcelona, Mainz/Gemersheim, Krakow and Salford where employers gain highly motivated students who are keen to learn and bring fresh, creative ideas. With real clients, a brief, deadlines and high standards to be met, all sorts of skills come into play.

The European Graduate Placement Scheme (EGPS) is a new scheme which offers crucial international work placements to translation students. It has been phenomenally successful, with two thirds of translation students being offered a job in the company in which they did their placement. Now the European Graduate Placement Scheme, funded by  EU Lifelong Learning Programme, is building on that success by providing and accrediting work placements abroad as part of MA Translation Studied programme. Turn to page 20 of the Linguist Magazine to read more


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