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Instructus Conference ‘The Changing Landscape of Work and Skills’ - Deferred

Wednesday, 13 May 2015
By: Skills CFA


Seismic events happened in the UK last week with the unforeseen result to the general election; this outcome will change many expectations including the background to, if not the context of, our conference. The suddenly changed landscape includes newbies in political leadership roles in both Business and Skills arenas thereby impacting on our key audience, and us. There are significant macro policy promises but as yet there is no tactical detail as to how apprenticeship numbers will be grown very significantly at a time when many registrations have in fact been falling and the direction of adult skills policy is also uncertain. We need a clearer agenda to emerge as we struggle to come to terms with what the next 5 years might mean. Inevitably it will take a little time for new incumbents to get to grips with their new roles and very steep learning curves. We would also expect to see at least one of these new major political players in attendance at our conference. Due to the time required to develop this new agenda I have decided to take the unusual step of deferring our event until the autumn when more clarity should be available to employers on policy direction and therefore practical steps of more relevance can be reviewed.

Ticket holders can either retain their tickets until the new date is announced or receive a full refund pending the announcement of our revised timing.

We look forward to seeing you in the autumn.

David Holland
CEO Instructus Group


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