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Welcome to the new Skills CFA site

Thursday, 14 June 2012
By: Jenny Hewell - Chief Executive

It is with great pleasure that I am able to unveil the new Skills CFA website. The digital age is vastly developing and we have designed this website to show how we’re developing too.

We have new features dedicated to bringing you access to the latest information on our standards & qualifications, apprenticeships, news and research. However, the website is not just a way to better inform you. It’s also our portal where we listen to you. We invite employers, training providers, awarding organisations and anybody interested in our activities to contribute to our research and take part in our consultations and online polls.

We recognise that the website is only one part of a greater network. Our new Twitter feed appears on our homepage so you can see what we, and the social media stratosphere, are talking about.

We’ve moved on from times where customer service was a phone call away. You want fast information and ownership of your order. You’ll find better information about our products and services, including the latest training events, Student Handbooks and merchandise online.

Our new website comes at an incredibly exciting time. Our new Higher Apprenticeships in Project Management and Human Resource Management will be launched this September. We’ve worked hard with our partners and employers to design the best apprenticeships to skill people into higher level careers.

As apprenticeships go higher, so do our ambitions. I am so very proud of this website and I hope you are too.


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    @robert mackay Hi Robert, thanks for your interest. We’ve placed the sign up for our eBriefing newsletter on the right-hand side bar just under the poll.
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