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Why tomorrow’s HR professionals need a higher apprenticeship

Thursday, 19 July 2012
By: Tim

With so many functions of a modern HR professional being 'hands-on', it's only logical that an apprenticeship in HR management would be developed sooner rather than later.

While knowledge-only qualifications add great value to the industry, there's nothing quite like getting stuck in and learning on-the-job – but with the right guidance of course!

HR has changed significantly over the years and it is no longer seen as merely an organisational support role. It's become a stand-alone function that contributes to strategic decision-making. Many HR professionals have taken the role of business partners and now engage in activities such as enabling organisational growth, top level talent management and integrated workforce planning, in partnership with senior business leaders.

So the HR professionals of the future need a broad depth of knowledge, coupled with practical experience across a range of fields.

The Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management will provide this as a foundation, not an afterthought.  It will develop new entrants to the profession from day one, ensuring a well-rounded professional development.

Higher Apprenticeship in Human Resource Management

It will also open up a new pool of future professionals for employment, including those who may have been deterred from university due to recent hikes in tuition fees. They also suit learners who may not be suited to traditional academic routes, but use apprenticeships as a viable method of developing a career.

As apprenticeships become a bigger government priority and gain esteem in the professions, it is encouraging to see organisations, such as CIPD, getting on board.


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  • Tim
    @Nathan Pearson Smith

    Hi Nathan. The diversification of the HR function really was one of the key drivers behind the development of the programme. Be sure to check out the HRM Higher Apprenticeship website ( for more information. You'll also find the team's contact details there and we'd be happy to discuss the programme further with you.
  • Hi Tim,

    Would be interesting to see how these Higher HR apprenticeships will work. I definitely agree with you though HR has taken on so many 'functions' that they've become a very key part of a businesses continuity. The more apprenticeships the merrier! As you said good to see the CIPD taking this on board.

    Twitter: @NathanPearsonWH