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Launch of new Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management

Thursday, 06 September 2012
By: Skills CFA

A new career path, the Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management, was launched this week to give aspiring HR professionals wider access to a high level profession.

We developed the higher apprenticeship in partnership with the world's largest Chartered HR and development professional body, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, to address the great demand from employers for high level skills in HR. 

From this month, the Level 5 programme will enable apprentices to develop knowledge and skills equivalent to the second year of a university course, while being employed and earning a salary.

Jenny Hewell, Chief Executive of CFA, said: “The engagement and participation of so many employers and a professional body in the development and promotion of this higher apprenticeship is fantastic.

“I am confident that our exciting higher apprenticeship with CIPD will have a major impact in HR. This area is a critical contributor to business success in the UK.”

A reception boasting big names in skills, held in central London yesterday, launched the higher apprenticeship, with employers and training organisations attending to hear about the new programme.

While apprentices ‘earn while they learn’, employers will have a chance to expand their human resource function and support apprentices with the tools provided by the apprenticeship framework.

Apprenticeships are becoming a vital source for competitiveness and increased productivity for employers in the UK.  77% of employers, surveyed by Populus, believe apprenticeships make their organisation more competitive and 76% say that apprenticeships provide higher overall productivity.

Skills CFA expect 725 people to take-up Higher Apprenticeships in HR Management by 2016 and are working to increase this number.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD, said: “The CIPD promotes apprenticeships as an effective means of employers recruiting and developing talent and so it was natural and appropriate for us to us to introduce an apprenticeship scheme for our own profession so that we can attract a more diverse array of talent to pursue careers in HR and business more generally.”

“The Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management will allow organisations to expand their human resource function whilst attracting a talented pool of individuals who might not otherwise have considered the profession,” he added.

As the leading apprenticeship-issuing authority in the UK, our apprenticeships account for 28% of all apprenticeship starts and 27% of all apprenticeship achievements in England.

For more information on the Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management, please visit our dedicated website here.


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