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REC Joins our Partnership to Develop Recruitment Apprenticeship

Monday, 17 September 2012
By: Skills CFA

The recruitment industry professional body, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), joined our partnership today to pave the way for the first advanced and high level apprenticeships in recruitment.

As part of our partnership, the REC will work with us to develop standards, qualifications and training programmes across the UK for a whole range of business skills.

The partnership joins eight leading professional bodies in business skills and focuses on ensuring occupational standards and business apprenticeships meet today’s business needs. Our partners are specialists in their field and include experts in customer service, enterprise, human resources, governance and business and administrative management.

Our first joint initiative with REC is a bid to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills to create the first advanced and higher level apprenticeships in recruitment for England and Wales.
Our Chief Executive, Jenny Hewell, said: "We are delighted to have REC as the newest member in our partnership, to help us harness the best recruitment skill development opportunities for the UK.  Each year the industry is estimated to be responsible for placing up to one and a half million individuals in jobs. 

"We value our partnership with REC and know it will be critical to the work we plan to do on standards, qualifications, apprenticeships and the business skills agenda.  With eight other partner organisations in the same partnership we are committed to providing the best opportunities for developing and testing world class business skills for organisations that have gaps in their skill base, hard-to-fill posts or sturdy competition in their sector."

Our remit to develop business skills standards and apprenticeships is the biggest of any standards-setting body or Sector Skills Council in the UK, as we represent 10 million employees in the UK.

REC Chief Executive, Kevin Green, said: "It's both exciting and a huge privilege to partner with Skills CFA to spearhead the development of the first ever apprenticeship in recruitment. We’ve had very enthusiastic support from some of the UK's largest recruiters for this project, and we will work with all interested parties to make this a significant development for the recruitment industry over the next year.

"Recruitment is a people-centric industry and our standards of service and professionalism can be greatly enhanced by a systematic approach to attracting and developing the people who chose to become recruiters," he added.

View our full list of partners here


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