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Are you an Apprentice Business Challenge champion?

Monday, 14 January 2013
By: Anthea

Calling all project management apprentices: do you have what it takes?

Project management higher apprentices, as well as accountancy and professional services higher apprentices, are being invited to compete in a new national business skills competition.

The Apprentice Business Challenge 2013, run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Price Waterhouse Coopers, was launched at last year’s The Skills Show and is part of World Skills UK’s portfolio of competitions.

What is it?

The national competition is an interactive business game designed to test the knowledge, skills and creativity of apprentices, as well as their approach to working in a team on a real business issue.

How it works

Apprentices will compete in teams of four or five at one of three regional heats across the UK. Taking on the role of business advisers, they will work through a case study, tackling a real-life business issue. Teams are required to analyse the information, propose a solution and present their recommendations to a judging panel in the form of a presentation and written report.

A judging panel will score the teams and individual apprentices’ performances, and the winning team and runners up will receive World Skills UK gold, silver and bronze medals.  The top performing apprentice will also receive the ICAEW Top Performing Apprentice trophy.

What are the benefits?

For competitors

The competition will:

  • help to achieve qualification goals
  • awaken inspiration and ambition by providing an opportunity to showcase knowledge and skills
  • increase motivation and enjoyment by providing  dynamic and exciting learning and development opportunity
  • increase confidence and knowledge
  • identify strength and weakness through team and individual feedback
  • contribute to learning and development
  • provide exposure to new working practices through working on a real business issue with other apprentices from different organisations, industries and on different frameworks
  • enable apprentices to compete in a national skills competition to become a business skills champion.

For employers:

Apprentices will further develop their skills, as the competition will:

  • supplement their on-going learning
  • put skills and knowledge into practice in a competitive environment
  • improve awareness of other professional services and other ways of working
  • reinforce a high performance culture.

Company profiles will be enhanced with marketing opportunities including:

  • national competition publicity
  • profile raising of businesses involved

Business performance will improve:

  • as apprentices are more aware of leading-edge practice and able to apply their learning in the workplace
  • with networking opportunities with other professional services organisations and potential clients

Who is eligible to compete?

Only apprentices on the following Level 4 higher apprenticeships are able to compete:

  • Project Management
  • Accountancy
  • Professional Services.

How I apply?

Apprentices can apply to enter the Apprentice Business Challenge 2013 between the 11 February and 22 March 2013.

Until registration opens, apprentices are being encouraged to register their interest on the official website


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