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Do businesses need Business & Administration apprentices?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013
By: Natalie

Every new business, new gadget and revolutionary technology was born through creative ideas. However for creative ideas to turn into every-day products and services you need a successful team of people to bring them to life. Successful businesses have people who run operations and systems, and these people possess crucial business skills.

peter pledger mediaBusiness and administration staff who manage day-to-day tasks are found in every organisation. The ability to solve business problems, manage information and data is fundamental to business success – not only to keep systems and processes running successfully but to support sustainability and manage risk.

More than 3.25 million people in the UK currently work in business and administration roles with 1.1 million new job openings expected in administration from 2010 to 2020.

We are working towards addressing the continuing need for skilled business and administrative staff through developing Business & Administration apprenticeships that are designed by, and for, employers.

Our Interim Head of Development, Matthew Street, says: “The Business and Administration apprenticeship has been a huge success over the past few years and is one of the most popular apprenticeships in the UK, not just because of the demand for nationally-recognised standards but because it suits employers.”

Overall, there has been 184% growth in business apprenticeship starts over the last two years (including business and administration, customer service, management, sales and marketing apprenticeships), which reflects the growing demand and popularity for practical qualifications in the business world.

“Apprenticeships are proving to be a key route into business careers and a vital tool for recession-stricken employers to run and grow their business,” Matthew adds. “We develop apprenticeships for a wide range of business roles and levels, which now account for 30% of apprenticeship starts nationally, which is the largest, and most successful, apprenticeship footprint in the country.”

Chief Executive of South London Business, Peter Pledger, has been employing Business and Administration apprentices for a number of years.
“Our business and administration apprentices are brilliant for our business. Training is focused on our business, and the apprentice is often better and quicker at grasping what we require.

“Apprentices come into our organisation at basic roles but learn rapidly to move into more developed careers in the organisation. Apprenticeships are incredibly flexible, as there’s a real ‘pick n mix choice’ in frameworks. These apprenticeships then meet exactly what you need, as a business, as well as the young person’s needs.

“Employers should see the apprenticeship scheme as a core system for bring new people into their organisation. They have the advantage that apprenticeships have been designed and tested by other employers and you can then tailor them into your business.”
Business development company, South London Business, was set up to support and promote business, enhance regeneration, reduce unemployment and up-skill the work force in South London.

“We have had high unemployment in England for far too long but, because of that, the culture of work has been lost.  What apprenticeships do is make sure people get that culture back and help people back into the world of work.”

“If you haven’t got that business culture, like turning up to work on time or how to answer emails, then you’ll never survive in the world of work. What apprenticeships do is train you to acquire these skills.

“The apprenticeship product offers employers like me a sophisticated means of meeting those training needs with a relatively painless method. Apprenticeships aren’t corporate social responsibility. In fact, it should be a product sold on the premise that it will make your business run. It is good for business. That’s the message businesses need to get.”

Peter warmly explained how satisfied he is at seeing apprentices develop. He told of apprentices who matured throughout their apprenticeship, improved their attitude and blossomed with experience at working hard and being valued in business.

“I want to see expansion. We are expanding our own business and we are moving into new areas and apprenticeships will be part of our plans,” he said.

“I can’t see why an employer wouldn’t employ an apprentice. The system works. I plan to employ many more business apprentices over the years.”
So do businesses need business and administration apprentices? We believe it’s a simple answer. Yes.


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