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Skills Minister: Graduations ‘Rightly’ Recognise Apprentices

Friday, 22 March 2013
By: Natalie

Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock, championed graduations as 'rightly' recognising business apprentices with celebrations usually reserved for university graduates this week.

He applauded the first national graduations for raising the profile of apprenticeships, where he wants the option of an apprenticeship to be the 'new norm' for young people.

Graduations give apprentices their first chance to celebrate their apprenticeship at national, prestigious ceremonies in London and Birmingham this June and July.

Minister Matthew Hancock said: "Graduation ceremonies for apprentices and their families rightly celebrate the success of apprentices and give them the same level of recognition as those gaining bachelor degrees.   

"This year's Apprenticeship Week showed that Apprenticeships deliver and are fast becoming an asset for businesses that want to grow and succeed."

The ceremonies are being hosted by us, the business apprenticeship body that develops and certifies the most apprenticeships in the UK.

Matthew Hancock

Minister Hancock met a 'gowned apprentice' (pictured above) at the launch of our national graduations at the Voice of Apprenticeships conference in London during National Apprenticeship Week.

Our Chairman, David Holland, said: "Apprenticeships are at the top of the Government's skills agenda and they are at the top of ours, which is why we want to celebrate their success.

"We want to do more than certificate. We want to give deserved recognition and esteem to vocational achievement in a way which is usually only reserved for university graduates."

Alison Heslop, 26, who completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in Business & Administration, said: "I feel proud, honoured and excited that I will graduate at a ceremony that will congratulate me on successfully completing my apprenticeship.

"It's amazing that I will be commended for the hard work that I put into my apprenticeship. 

 "It will be a pleasure to attend a graduation that's usually linked with university students and it's brilliant that Skills CFA have decided to promote how important apprentices and apprenticeships are."

Graduations provide a platform for employers, like BT, to showcase their commitment to apprenticeships.

Head of Accredited Learning at BT, Damian Brown, said: "The graduations present a great opportunity for employers to show how successful their apprentices have been for the business.

"Apprenticeships are good for BT's business and play a key role in ensuring that we maintain and develop a highly skilled workforce. For young people, they are a great way to transform their enthusiasm into valuable skills that that will serve them well wherever their careers take them."

The national graduations will be on 27 June in London at the prestigious Royal Society and on 4 July in central Birmingham.

Learn more about our graduations

Fore information or to arrange an interview with our Chairman, David Holland, or be put in touch with an employer and apprentice, please contact:
Natalie de Freitas, PR Manager

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