December 2015


Welcome to our latest update newsletter. There is lots happening and so the team felt it was a good time to share some updates. Whether you are an awarding organisation, training provider, employer or just interested in us we hope you find this useful.

Instructus Skills is the new name for Skills CFA and is part of the Instructus Group of companies. We’ll continue to use both Instructus Skills and Skills CFA for a while as we understand name changes take a bit of getting used to. If you want to find out more about Instructus Group, please visit http://www.instructus.org/  where you will also see exciting news about The Springboard Consultancy joining the Group.

We’ll send more updates in the New Year. If you want to give feedback or get more information, please get in touch either using the survey link at the bottom of this newsletter or via our various contact methods.


Goodbye NQF & QCF, hello RQF

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) was launched officially on the 1st October after an extensive consultation with organisations responsible for both general and vocational qualifications. The move to RQF is to help ensure that qualifications are better understood and more responsive to learners’ needs. QCF will be slowly phased out between now and 2017. As a pan-sector organisation, we are aware that the closure of the shared unit bank could be a concern for some awarding organisations and are currently reviewing all units that we are responsible for to ensure that we can help discussions between awarding organisations should units need to be shared. If you have any concerns, please get in touch. We’ll communicate more on this topic in the New Year.

For more information on RQF please visit the OFQUAL website


Foundation Apprenticeships in Scotland

We are delighted to be working with Skills Development Scotland to develop a new Foundation Apprenticeship for learners in Scotland who want to experience work alongside their academic study. Our Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship will create a pathway for learners into a Level 3 Business Admin Modern Apprenticeship but will also include other strands of development. We are starting consultation with key organisations so if you want to get involved, please let us know.

More information about Foundation Apprenticeships


Trailblazer Development

A number of new standards are now being developed with employers in the driving seat. At Instructus we are working with a number of Trailblazer groups to advise on the standards, assessment plans and quality assurance mechanisms. There continue to be some challenges with recent rule changes but we are committed to supporting this activity. BIS have recently updated their standards development page which now gives you an ‘at a glance’ view of all development. If you are interested in developing a new standard, please get in touch.

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National Occupational Standards

We are proud of the standards that we maintain and continue to review their relevance and impact across a number of occupations. There is some uncertainty at the moment regarding the future of NOS as the 4 nations look to agree on their use of NOS. We’d love to hear your views on NOS and how you would like to see them developed in the future. Our current NOS are available via our website and we are expecting to receive an update on how development might be supported by the nations sometime in February 2016.

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Standard Pricelist

Instructus Skills operates as a pan Sector Skills Council and as such we don’t receive any ongoing funding. We have therefore introduced a standard pricelist for the services we offer, these will still represent value for money and ensure we can continue to offer other services free of charge in line with our statutory responsibilities. The list can be accessed at http://www.skillscfa.org/consulting. Bespoke services are available and we will work with you to find a solution that works.

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ERR Workbooks

On 1st May 2015 Instructus Skills officially launched our e-learning portal and its big products, the online ERR Workbook and ERR Answer book. Free to register and costing only £5 per Workbook, centres are able to monitor the use of the ERR through their account and their learners. For the learners themselves, they are able to download the ERR directly where they can complete it and upload it back to the portal when they are satisfied. When graded by their assessor, the learner receives notification of the outcome of their submission, and can resubmit their workbook as many times as they wish at no extra cost. You may be aware that as of 30th June 2015 learners beginning their apprenticeship must use the new ERR Workbook. For combined qualifications in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leading and Management the use of the ERR is a mandatory requirement of the framework and is not embedded within the qualification.

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Christmas holiday closure


And finally to all our customers and supporters, we wish you a peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be closing for the festive period on the 21st of December and back on the 4th of January.

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