October 2013


One year on: Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management

Recruiting higher apprentices in project management has taken off with more than 50 companies, including British Airways, signing up to the scheme.

Since the launch of our Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management last year, with Association for Project Management, firms like Lloyds Banking Group, BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce have recruited higher apprentices.

Built asset consultancy EC Harris, was one of the first companies to take on higher apprentices in project management.

EC Harris partner, Richard Bonner, said: “We see a multitude of benefits. First and foremost we are seeing a reduced turnover of our staff. We’re bringing in really bright and enthusiastic, highly motivated young people and we see that they really want to strive to develop their careers very quickly.”  

He said the scheme has allowed them to train excellent young talent to the specific needs of their business.

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