Bidding & Tendering

There are approximately 318,000 people involved in bidding and/or tendering activities as part of their occupation; this accounts for 1% of the working population in the UK [1]. While this group represents a small percentage of total employment, the work they do is vital for the prosperity of businesses across all sectors. Good bid writers are able to source extra revenue for their business and are often instrumental in producing a surplus cash flow. 

To ensure that the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for bid professionals reflect industry needs and are fit for purpose, we worked with the following organisations during their development:

  • The Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals
  • The Bid Team
  • E Anderson Consulting
  • Forster Brandt
  • Framework Housing Association
  • Glasgow Housing Association
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • SFEDI Solutions
  • Thornton & Lowe
  • Winning Bid Masterclass.


The Bidding & Tendering NOS have been developed to encompass all areas of the bidding and tendering process, including the following standards:

  • CFABAT001 Evaluate and develop the organisation’s ability to bid
  • CFABAT002 Prepare to bid
  • CFABAT003 Plan the bid
  • CFABAT004 Write and submit the bid
  • CFABAT005 Undertake post-submission activities

The NOS cover occupational functions at a number of levels of responsibility and complexity. They are relevant to anyone involved in the bidding and tendering process, including bid professionals, bid advisors, marketing, sales and business development teams and business managers.

Bidding & Tendering


We have not developed qualifications in bidding & tendering. However, there are a few QCF qualifications on the Register of Regulated Qualifications, and a wide range of non-accredited training courses and qualifications available in the public domain.  

[1] This estimate includes the following SOC2010 occupations:

  • 1133 – purchasing managers and directors (including bid managers)
  • 3539 – business and related associate professionals
  • 3542 – business sales executives


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